"POWERED BY ADHD" is my motto. ADHD has given me the drive to achieve my goals.

When you see my artwork you see the designs but you don't know the story behind them. There is a reason for that spaceship in my logo. I have a story to tell and I want people to know that there is more than just the art there is the person behind it. I have a message and more things to share than my designs. I want you to know the person behind that apple pencil.

My name is Alyson Brooke Zeller. I am seventeen years old.  I have ADHD along with a learning disability. Some might see it as a disability but I see it as an ability. All my artwork is powered by this. I use whimsical elements and vibrant colors. I am powered by ADHD and everything I do comes from this inner strength. I've always been creative and artistic. I doodle on anything I can get my hands on.  Daydreaming is the norm for me capturing my thoughts as designs and creating quirky artwork.

You might be asking yourself what the significance of this spaceship is? My whole life I've always felt like an outsider being that one person who didn't really follow the social norms and fit in. I was the kid who wasn’t afraid to be myself. I wasn't afraid of what people thought. I wore pencils in my hair and bright colors. I wasn't afraid to not follow the status quo. The goal of  my company is self expression.  Don't let anyone tell you what to wear. If you like it - wear it! I hope that I have inspired you to be yourself.  Check out my designs. I hope that they inspire you the same way they have inspired me.


Alyson Brooke Zeller


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